Why are My Chocolate Chip Cookies flat?

Often chocolate chip cookies are flat because of the ingredients used in the recipe. Although chocolate chip cookies are typically round, when baked at a low temperature, the dough will spread and flatten.

This is because chocolate chips are very tiny and don’t hold their shape when baked. To get round cookies, you need to bake at a higher temperature or use a different type of cookie dough.

why chocolate chip cookies are flat

Can you make chocolate chip cookies flatter?

You can make chocolate chip cookies flatter and more uniform by adding baking powder, baking soda, or baking powder and soda to the batter. This will also keep them from spreading on the cookie sheet when you bake them. It’s that simple!

What to do when chocolate chip cookies are flat

Too much sugar and butter makes the cookies spread out in the oven. I found that I had to add a little more flour to stop them from spreading too much. It seemed that the butter was just absorbing the sugar and it was getting everywhere.

Cookies bake best at a low temperature for a longer time. When you don’t have the time or the patience to wait, you can bake them at a higher temperature for a shorter time.

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